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Why Door Hangers And Flyers Are So Effective

If you are looking to attract a wider audience to your business, door hangers and flyers are incredibly effective. They provide a company with unparalleled access to the consumer and offer a cost effective method for getting the word about their goods and services. Read on to learn more about the many ways in which door hangers and flyers can be useful to an up and coming business.

1. Tangibility

When we see an advertisement on television or pass a billboard during our morning commute, these ads do not stick in our heads in the same way that a door hanger or a flyer does. With door hangers and flyers, a company can provide tangible evidence of the goods and services that they are able to offer.

Most advertising is very fleeting in nature and we tend to forget about the vast majority of it once it is out of our eyesight. On the other hand, door hangers and flyers tend to receive more focused attention from potential customers, because they are forced to remove the promo materials from their door or windshield and take a moment to read them.

2. Complete Control

Most traditional marketing methods take the control out of the company's hands, forcing them to wait for a response. But with door hangers and flyers, a business can receive immediate results and have a far greater sense of control over the message that they are trying to put out there.

Let's say you are trying to get the word out about an upcoming holiday promotion and time is of the essence. When you want an offer to be placed in front of your target audience as rapidly as possible and there is zero time to waste, door hangers and flyers offer a level of control that cannot be beaten.

3. Easily Customized

The only limit to the door hanger or flyer that you come up with is your own imagination. You can use any color scheme that attracts attention and develop a layout that draws the consumer in. Maybe you'd prefer a door hanger with information on both sides or perhaps you'd rather focus on the font of your text.

With door hanger and flyer based promotions, all of the aforementioned options are available to you, allowing for a maximum level of creative expression. Any unique features that you need can be added during the process of creating the flyer or door hanger, whether its a custom size, shape or glossy coating.

4. Decreased Expenses

It is no secret that advertising can be quite expensive, especially for a company that strictly relies on traditional methods of getting the word out about their goods, services and promotions. Door hangers and flyers are a great promotional tool, because of their simplicity, as well as their low cost. If you are willing to choose a standard size flyer or door hangers, the cost of printing them is exceedingly low.

Door hangers and flyers are also incredibly cost effective to distribute, since they allow you to reach a wide audience, without having to increase your advertising budget. Getting the attention of your desired clientele, while being able to save money in the process? Now that's a win/win.

5. Wider Reach

Knowing where your target audience is located is one thing and knowing how to reach them is quite another. If you are looking to make inroads in a specific neighborhood or speak to an audience directly, there are few forms of advertisement more effective than the door hanger or flyer. There is no faster way to get the word out about your business than to put a customized message on the customer's front door or their car windshield.

When it comes to tracking the level of success from your marketing plan, door hangers and flyers offer a fast response. You can blanket specific geographic areas with your promotional materials and receive instant gratification. Being able to learn more about the neighborhoods that respond best to your offers allows you to modify your marketing efforts as needed.

6. Visibility

Why would a company ever waste their time on marketing efforts that will never be seen by the average consumer? When you place a door hanger on the front of a person's residence, there is no way for them to avoid seeing it. They will have to come outside eventually and when they do, they are forced to remove the door hanger by hand.

The same goes for a flyer. If they are placed on the front of a person's automobile, they have to remove the flyer before they enter the car to drive it. This method of advertisement essentially guarantees that your message is seen and allows the recipient to focus on your specific offer.

7. Simplistic

When you use a door hanger or a flyer to spread your message, you do not have to worry about all of the extra packing materials that go with more traditional forms of advertising, such as folders, binders, envelopes and postage stamps. If you are looking to distribute your flyers and door hangers quickly, you are able to go door to door with no problem.

Not only that, but you can also alter your door hangers to make them easier to distribute, saving you valuable time and labor. Hooks and die cut holes are typically added to door hangers, so that they can be hung up even faster.

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