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Why Door Hanger Marketing Has Stood The Test Of Time

Why Door Hanger Marketing Has Stood The Test Of Time

Door hanger marketing is much older than you might think. The equivalent of door hanger marketing can be traced as far back in time as ancient Roman political campaigns. The marketing appeal of door hangers has stood the test of time for many reasons that all make door hangers an indispensable part of marketing any product or service.


A door hanger forces the potential customer to touch your advertising piece. There is simply no way for a person to avoid touching and reading enough of your promotion to generate a level of interest that could lead to a sale.

Touch is a very important difference between door hanger marketing and other types of marketing. People respond more positively and more often to things that they can touch. There is a quirk of human nature or the human psyche that tells a person that touch involves a higher level of trust. Door hanger marketing takes advantage of higher levels of trust in your presentation.


Door hanger marketing implicitly shows respect for a potential client’s time. You cannot tell the entire history of your business or all the details of a product or service on a door hanger. You can give a potential buyer enough information to prod them to make further inquiries into your product or service.

The respect for a client’s time rests in the fact that they can just toss your door hanger if they have no interest. The use of the right explanation of the advantages of your product or service in short understandable sentences tells your new client that you respect their time and ability to make a decision based on fact.


Door hangar marketing has been around for at least two thousand years. Door hangers have a history of being easily adaptable to any technological advance. The printing press made door hangers easier to make and the advent of computers made door hangers easier to design.

Door hanger marketing has found its way into all areas of business, political campaigning, and charitable requests because the door hanger design is adaptable to any business or organization. Modern technology has even adapted the door hanger to be a talking and moving ad for your business.

Eye Catching

You cannot sell unless you capture a person’s attention. The huge variety of forms, colors, and patterns that door hangers can be produced in guarantees you a response. Computer technology allows you to construct a door hanger that not only captures attention but gives a potential client all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Paper and electronic door hanger marketing works and will continue to work because it grabs the attention of the client. The fact that the client has to handle a door hanger is an advantage that no other form of advertising can match.

Power of the written word

Even in the age of the internet, psychologists have shown that people are more responsive to the written word and more prone to act on something the read on paper than they are to any other written material including internet ads.

Door hanger advertising presents your offering in the most trusted format. Gaining the trust of a potential client is an imperative in a successful sale. Door hanger advertising establishes a higher level of trust in your business and in the product you offer than direct mail, newspaper ads, ads in magazines, or ads on the net.


Door hanger marketing costs less than any other form of advertising. You can reach more people in a target market or a local market with door hanger advertising at a fraction of the cost of any other form of promotion.

Door hanger marketing lets you spend less and make more. Head to head analysis of the effectiveness of door hanger marketing to direct mail or local internet ads show that response per dollar for door hanger marketing is higher.

Targets a market

Door hanger marketing is the most effective way to target a local market. You already know who your most probable new customers are and where they live. Door hanger marketing gets your offering in front of the eyes of the people that are most likely to buy better than other advertising and marketing can.

A business needs a high response to its marketing efforts. Door hanger marketing produces a very high response rate.

Ease of tracking results

In the old days, businesses tracked the effectiveness of their door hanger marketing by touring the neighborhood that they hung door hangers on. The number of hangers that were missing from doorknobs was the indicator of response.

Modern technology allows you to get almost instant results from your door hanger marketing. Internet maps and GPS can tell you when and who picked up your door hanger. This information gives you a guide to determine the people you may need to call if they do not call you.

You do not have to do any of the work

Door hanger marketing companies provide every aspect of a successful door hanger marketing campaign. Design, market analysis, printing, distribution, and tracking can all be handled by a door hanger marketing company. All you have to do is sell your new customers.

Door hanger marketing has stood the test of time because it works. Door hangers attract attention, play on the sales value of human nature, and allow a gargantuan variety of means to attract attention. Low costs, target marketing, and ease of deployment still make door hanger marketing one of the most useful marketing tools.

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