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Why Paying A Flyer Distribution Company Is Better Than (USPS) United States Postal Service

Paying a flyer distribution company to deliver your ad, announcement, or marketing flyer is better than depending on the USPS. The investments in your success, delivery at all times, lower costs, and direct contact with your potential clients are just a few reasons for the superiority of paying a flyer distribution company.

A flyer distribution company has an investment in your success. If your flyer campaign is successful then you are more likely to use the company for your next campaign. The interest in your business and your success that flyer distribution companies have is driven by their desire for a steady stream of income from loyal satisfied clients.

The USPS has no interest in your business success because all the employees have a job for life that does not depend on anything but your tax dollars. Your company and your income are just another piece of paper to the USPS.

Flyer distribution companies deliver every day of the year. You cannot afford to wait on the mail if your business depends on holiday purchases. The USPS allows so many holidays for its employees that you have no guarantee that your flyer will be delivered when you want it to be delivered. A flyer distribution company can guarantee delivery when you want it.

All mail handled by the USPS is sorted by machines. You have no guarantee that your exquisitely designed flyer will arrive in a readable form that presents your company and products in the way you want clients to perceive you.

A flyer distribution company takes great care and pride in delivering your flyer directly to the people that you have targeted to receive the flyer. The postal service does not hand deliver. The direct connection with a person is a sales advantage that cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Hand delivery makes the client feel special and can make them more receptive to your product or service.

The cost of delivery by the postal service continues to climb despite lower fuel costs and the fact that the USPS actually made a profit in 2015. A flyer distribution company can deliver your message for much less than one-third of the cost that the USPS will charge you. The cost savings can add more contacts per flyer distribution program and increase the return on your investment.

The USPS is considering dropping delivery on Saturday as a cost cutting move. Saturday delivery can be imperative to your company’s success. The potential customer reads on Saturday and buys on Sunday. A flyer distribution company can deliver for you on Saturday.

Paying a flyer distribution company is a guarantee of on time delivery, a vested interest in your financial success, lower costs, and a personal touch that increases sales. The USPS offers none of these advantages.

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