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Real Estate Agents 

Many of our clients are in the real estate industry, and based on their experiences, door hangers and flyers are highly effective in making their marketing campaigns successful. The following are some of its main benefits: 

•    Highly-Targeted Delivery: One of the best things about our flyer and door hanger distribution is that you can pinpoint your exact target market. We make use of an advanced software to identify the certain demographics, or even property types, where the materials should be delivered. 

•    Speed: We are an agile service provider, which is why we can guarantee that you can get your message out as quickly as possible. In just as short as 24 hours.

•    Personalized Campaign: Our distribution is done door-to-door. This means that there is a possibility for personal interaction between our employees and property owners, renters, or buyers, among others. Our people can communicate your sales pitch and can help to increase the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. 

•    Scalability: We can create personalized campaigns even if you have several offices. Each flyer can be customized based on your needs and where they will be distributed. The good news is that if the change is minimal, we won’t charge you any amount for it. 

•    All-in-One Service: We have an in-house design and copywriting team. We can create content to help you sell properties and effectively convey your intended message. We can also work hand-in-hand with your own marketing department if there is any.

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