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Hand to Hand
Door to Door

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a door to door service, hand to hand, printing or design, we have the skilled and professional staff to get the job done for you! Global Flyer Distribution has years of experience in our industry, and if you need marketing, then you have come to the right place. If you need marketing material or distribution locally, then we are the company for you. 
If you don’t see a service listed below or have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

One of the most traditional, popular and still successful ways of distributing flyers is by placing them door to door. Here at Global Flyer Distribution we only hire the best teams and work with them closely to ensure that you’ll receive the best deliverability rate in the industry! That’s right; our teams are equal to, if not better than the U.S Postal Service. We ensure that your flyer won’t get mixed in with a bunch of other mail, that means that not only will everyone receive a copy, but it will also stand out from the crowd! 

This approach is one extremely effective, yet often underutilized approach to creating a successful marketing campaign. When you go with a hand to hand distribution of your marketing material you are ensuring that not only are people getting your material, you’re also getting a very high rate of readability. When people are accepting the flyer or brochure, they are much more likely to not only read it but also act on it. 

As an added bonus with hand to hand distribution, you can also dress our canvassers in branded clothing such as t-shirts, jumpers, caps, and badges, etc. When you combine this with the tactical targeting of consumers at particular stores, markets and trade show you can experience a much better rate of return. 

If you would like to combine printing costs with distribution, then we can definitely work with you to give you a fantastic price. We have a select list of high-quality printers who work with us to give our clients significant discounts, which are exclusively available to us. When you work with us, then we work for you to get the best prices possible on everything from printing through to distribution, ensuring your costs are low, and results are high.

I had a record breaking sales week at Pizza Hut! This was the first time we ever used Global Flyer Distribution for our door hanger distribution.

- Tommy Lebowski, MD


- Michael Christian, MD


If you have an idea for your marketing but are struggling to come up with a design concept, then we can help you work with our design partners to produce a high-quality flyer or brochure. They will come up with some fantastic and professional design concepts to help you market your brand, products or services. If you need any help then they can help produce high-quality images, enhance and highlight your products and photos in the best way to showcase your items. 

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