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Marketing Firms

Our Company is in partnership with numerous promotional and marketing organizations and consultancies that hire us to deliver pamphlet, magazine and flyer for their customers.  We are quick, cost-efficient and professional, and we have the ability to deliver the highest amount of flyers in a convenient and effective manner.  During our years in the business, we have managed to gain the trust of different companies by providing high quality services and expert administration.


Our Company can offer better services than other flyer distribution companies.


  • Creativity – as trailblazers in this industry, we highly consider any innovative ways to deal with the circulation of the flyers. Our company is fully equipped with the right people and vehicles that allows us to convey advertising materials that uncommon in shapes and weighs heavy.


  • Smart Targeting – our state of the art programming and targeting method simply implies that we can identify the right market accurately and precisely. We can also use problem-solving skills and alternative business solutions such as targeting only the distinct home that may grow an interest on your product or services.


  • Clear Communication – our merchants all communicate in English and can clearly convey the right message to your customers when they are asked about the product or administration,


  • Branding – our merchants can be requested to wear a uniform that will reflect the marketing campaign and branding of the company.


  • Alternative Methodology – We offer more than just our professional door to door administration, you can pick our different methodology such as business-business or hand-hand; all of these can deliver extraordinary results.  We also advice you to highly consider our targeted marketing.



  • Reliability – Different companies rely on us on the circulation of their advertising materials. In the event that we perform a delivery for your company, and your customer approached us for your project, we generally provide them a detailed instruction on how to contact you and acquire the service.


  • Transparent-We are highly inviting our customers as well as their client to tag along on our delivery service to witness firsthand how your pamphlets are being circulated to the public.  We are the pioneer organization that is offering this kind of service.


That is not all, on every delivery; you'll additionally get a 15% rebate.  This is the cheapest and the most reliable flyer distribution service available in the market.


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