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For Global Flyer Distribution management is key. We have worked very hard to create a management team that is aware of their duties to the company and to the customers. Our first goal with our teams is to create an environment for success. We want our workers to be happy and do the best job possible. This means that we provide them with the right motivations and materials to get the job done.


Our second goal with the team is to empower them to find solutions to problems. We create thinkers. Our on-the-street team takes notes. They come back with real-life suggestions to how we can serve our customers better. Because they are in the field, they understand the problems that continuously arise and likely have solutions that can be incorporated into the business model. We let them come up with the solutions to better serve our clients and their marketing purposes.


Finally, our teams are focused on providing the best possible results they can. We strategize their routes, arm them with the proper amount of marketing materials and train the carriers. Our goal is to give them everything they need to excel at the job. By using state-of-the-art equipment, we send our carriers out to do an excellent job. That is exactly what they do for us, each and every day.


With our management team focused on the goals, we have formed three levels of management to most efficiently build your brand. Level Three is the GPS Tracking team. This is the team of carriers that are assigned to a GPS logger daily. These are the workers who are actually doing the door hanging of signage. By giving them each a GPS logger, we are allowed to capture the x/y data (latitude and longitude coordinates) for future reference and research. We provide our clients with an electronically created map of coverage. This is to allow our clients to see firsthand where their carriers were on a specific day and what saturation level they were able to meet on their routes. We also are able to compare our numbers to ensure every team is working to maximum capacity.


Also- by keeping records of the x/y data, our customers are being given valuable information. They can see exactly what markets were targeted what days and how that long-term affects sales. This can let them know what markets their signs are working in and what areas it is not working in. Both valuable tools to make things better and reach everyone!


Next, our Level two managers are our Field Managers. Each field manager supervises a crew with between 6-8 members. They travel with the crew and provide immediate supervision throughout the day. The goal is to create a system of check and balances while our teams are out on the streets. There are a few advantages with working this way. First, our crew members are thoroughly trained. Field Managers can give immediate direction and also let crew members know exactly what is expected of them every morning. This is not only a good way to train, but also a good way to ensure each member of the carrier team is gaining the knowledge to move up. We want to encourage our team to keep striving for higher positions of responsibility within our company.


Second, by having a Field Manager out with the crew, any questions can be addressed immediately. Imagine if our carriers were unsure of where to go of what was expected. They would have to wait until they returned to the office to find a solution. With the Field Managers by their side, they can ask questions and get answers. No need for wasting time. By not wasting time, they are working that much more efficiently and effectively.


Finally, having our Field Managers with the crew helps to build camaraderie. Again- a happy team is a productive team. By fostering a happy management style we can help our workers to stay encouraged to do the job to the best of their abilities. As an added bonus, they learn that they aren’t “alone” but have a team that works together to create one important goal.


Our final level of management includes our Distribution Management team. All Field Managers report to one area Distribution Manager. This manager’s job is to take care of the overall picture for our team. They have to make sure the materials are ready and packed in the truck, the correct amount of flyers are packed, maps are outlines, ID badges are all being worn, uniforms are properly being worn, reflective gear is in place an GPS units are up and running. By taking this responsibility away from the carriers, we free them up to focus on one thing: delivering marketing materials. They don’t have to worry about preparing—that is done for them.


The Distribution Management team plans out the day and ensures that it works. They also come back to the office with their thoughts for the day. Their job is to also strategize better ways of serving our customer base.


By creating a tiered management style we can task each level with specific duties. Level Three is monitored and supervised by Level Two. Level Two takes its cues from Level Three. Overall the system is a wonderful tool that helps Global Flyer Distribution meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. You are going to quickly see how much time we put into our people. We know that human resources are the most worthy and useful resources that any company has.


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