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•    Why is it essential to consider Front Door Marketing?

Flyer distribution enables you to reach customers right in their homes. We can tailor fit your requirements by identifying who your market is, the design which fits you, printing processes and targeted distribution with the use of GPS trackers along with a system for verification.


•    What are the services we provide?

Media design, printing, market-consulting and distribution.


•    What are the best uses of Front Door Marketing?

This type of Marketing can effectively be used for awareness, customer traffic, branding, product launches, discounts, promotional events and many more.  


•    Which businesses would best suit this Marketing program?

This is suited for a business which aims to gain traffic, product awareness, sales, promotions or even store openings.


•    When it comes to response rates, what is the difference between Direct Mailing and Front Door Marketing?

Direct Mailers’ response has declined over the years (at 1%). However, Front Door Marketing enables for a 3% response rate depending on how well the demographics are identified and the types of materials given out. 


•    I have my own layout. Can you accept my art work?

We certainly can. 


•    Do you deliver anywhere, all over the United States?



•    How can I make sure all the materials were distributed?


All of our distributors carry GPS trackers which is relayed to the field manager. This ensures that your campaign will be delivered to your exact specifications. Although this information is not shared directly with you it is monitored by our logistics team. You will be provided a photo verification link at the end of your campaign that will show your marketing material being delivered.


•    Do you have an opt-out list for customers?

Yes, we do.


•    Are apartments a part of your target distribution areas?

Yes, they are depending on your needs.


•    Is it possible for you to deliver your materials in various businesses?

It definitely is.


•    Can you deliver in rural areas?

We surely can.


•    Do you have the capacity to distribute in gated villages and communities?

We deliver to your specified communities, as long as access is granted by a community.


•    Do I need to meet a specific distribution quantity?

You will need a campaign of at least a 5,000 flyers or door hangers.


•    What is the duration of your distribution?

This will depend on how vast the target distribution area is. 


•    I want to know more about your services. How do I reach you?

You may call us at 1-844-78-FLYER (35937) or Email at

FAQs on Flyer Distribution Services

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