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We Have a Better Distribution Management System

With Global Flyer Distribution you can be sure that your word is getting out! Our mission is to thoroughly saturate the target neighborhood with your flyers. We have long-standing experience in the industry and know how to effectively canvas to share your message with the world. With years of honing our business, we can help you to market effectively to whatever U.S. resident you are targeting. We have three distribution options to explore: door-to-door, hand-to-hand and package deals including printing and distribution. Whichever package you choose, rest assured that Global Flyer Distribution will partner with you for success.


When it comes to distribution we have options to cater to your business needs- regardless of what they are. Of course, the most popular service we offer is door-to-door flyer distribution. Provide us with the flyers and the size of your marketing plan and we will do the rest. Our team will come up with a canvassing strategy that best utilizes your materials. We will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and strive for 100% customer satisfaction the entire time.


First, when we manage a door-to-door campaign, we make it a point to supervise our delivery teams. You never have to worry about wasted materials or flyers falling by the wayside. Our crews are monitored and held accountable for the materials they are supplied with. On their planned layouts, their route supervisors are close behind ensuring that they are properly sharing information. Beyond that, we have shift supervisors who monitor the route supervisors. Overall it’s a streamlined process that works for us. Every person, from the newest carrier to the longest-employed shift supervisor, is aware that they have a responsibility and a privilege. The responsibility is to help share your message and the privilege is to help build your business market.


The second focus when hanging flyers door-to-door is to allocate properly. We have all heard horror stories about carriers who are overwhelmed and end up throwing the marketing materials somewhere unnoticed. We make that virtually impossible with our shift manager system. We help ease the burden too by allocating properly. On average, a carrier can hang 2 door hangers per minute. The schedule we request our carriers to maintain presses them to cover 900 homes during their 8-hour shift. We don’t do more than that to ensure that our carriers have time to do their job. We don’t do less than that to ensure that our carriers are still busy. We have found over the years that a carrier who is allocated with materials properly is much happier and much more willing to do an excellent job.


Another distribution option we offer is to manage a hand-to-hand delivery campaign. The most basic form of this is when our team of carriers walk up to people and get the material directly into their hands. This proves very effective because of the rate of readability. Studies have shown that when a carrier puts the material into the potential customer’s hands, it has a much higher rate of getting read. In addition, our carriers can also dialogue with customers about your brand to increase the rate of return even more. We pride ourselves on not only having responsible carriers but having friendly ones. Who better to carry your brand forward than our professional representatives? They can start building a one-on-one relationship with potential customers from day one. By the time you interact with your customers, they already have a great impression of you thanks to our trained carriers.


With hand-to-hand delivery, we also can subliminally reach the market by using branded clothing. Things like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and sweatshirts can all carry a powerful message. This is another way to get the word out about your business. All business owners know that to bring awareness to a brand, it’s important to showcase the company as much as possible. The goal is to inundate people with the brand (without being intrusive) so they remember it. When they need your service that will be the first thing they think of. Our goal is to saturate the market so using the dual-marketing tools of hand-to-hand delivery and branded clothing is the best way to reach your target customer base.


The third method of distribution is printing. Any business owner knows how much printing can cost. There’s the design, the paper, the die cutting and the ink. They add up quickly and can push a marketing budget beyond what the owner is comfortable with or can manage. With Global Flyer Distribution, you can easily combine printing costs with distribution costs. Our goal is to partner with our clients and make forming a business affiliation easy. This is a great way to save on pricing, but still, reach the market you are seeking after.


We have a roster of high-quality printing companies that we work with. Each one is well aware of creating cost-efficient pieces without compromising quality. We have thoroughly vetted each one to ensure that they are maintaining the highest business standard possible with all their products and everyday dealings. Because we are working with them in bulk ordering, they give us significant discounts that are solely available to Global Flyer Distribution via our packaging options. We happy share those savings with our customers when they combine printing and distribution services. Ask us about our packages and let us impress you with printing and marketing plans that get the job done!



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